I'm Chris. I Design and Develop Websites for Small Businesses.

I build elegant yet simple websites to help small businesses attract new clients and establish a meaning presence on the internet.






my services

Web Design & Development

Need a website built from the ground up? Let’s get going.  
Already have a website but feeling overwhelmed? I can help.
Need to rank high on Google, Bing, and other search engines? No Problem.

Website Design

Creating a website, even with an “easy to use” website building tool, is harder than it looks.  Understanding design, photo manipulation and editing, responsive layouts for mobile and tables, and curating a user experience that helps drive traffic takes time and years of experience to perfect and often times becomes overwhelming to  the novice designer.  

Built From Scratch

Want something completely unique to your?  Fully customized websites built from scratch are my bread and butter. 

Choose a Premade Template

I have access to over 200 premium premade templates that are ready to be used.  With a little customization, we can make any template feel like your own.  

Search Engine Optimization

Being found in search engines is the #1 way for new and established business to grow their audience and solidly their brand.  I can help you rank higher and retain interest to drive your clients to your website’s goals. 

The Technical

Hosting and Domains made easy.  Let’s get going.
Falling behind on Maintenance and updates? I can help.
Need an email address @ your domain name? No problem.

Hosting and Domains

Getting started purchasing and hosting a domain can be complex and confusing.  From the first step of choosing and purchasing a domain name all the way to getting your website live to your audience. 

Maintenance & Updates

It is easy to get behind on simple updates and maintenance that are required to keep your website up to date.  Building websites as well as providing timley updates is part of my core as a web developer. 

Custom Email Address

Do you need a custom email address at your domain name?  I have several options from free to paid to support your email communication.  

Content & Social Media

Is your Social Media profile non existent?Let’s get going.  
Do you have a Social Media presence but not growth? I can help.
Want to start building a community e-Newsletter? No Problem.


Your content strategy is as important as your website when it comes to reaching new clients.  Email, Social Media, and Blogging are all key parts to this strategy. 

Social Media

Understanding the basic principals of managing your social media is key to any growing business.  Let my experience help you expand and reach new clients locally and globally.

Email Campaigns

Reach your audience with personalized and impactful content, straight to their inbox.  


Building a blog full of rich and useful content helps your customers understand why you are the best at what you do.  

About Me

Hello! I’m Chris. I have been building websites for over 20 years.   

Along with building websites I have a passion for running and music.  You can follow my running via my Strava profile and my previous music endeavours below. 

Just me, Chris Folts.


  • 20+ Years Designing Websites
  • 15+ Years of Photoshop Experience
  • 5+ Years of WordPress Expereience
  • 10+ Years Hosting Websites and Managing Domains
  • General Technical Knowledge around IT and Website Services

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